Laminate flooring is a more nature-sustainable option for being an unfathomable recreation of various real wood decors, without actually using that much timber, which could lead to the concern of deforestation. This gives wood floor lovers a chance to have the best of both worlds since they can have a fine range of flooring that looks like wood, feels like wood, yet it doesn’t inure their conscious for taking too much from nature.

Sustainable Core And The Timber Circle

That said, the idea that Colleyville laminate flooring puts into action is the utilization of the “IS014001” environmentally conscious management system for manufacturing their fiberboard core. This entails recycling raw materials without wasting a bit. A unique process established by this brand, as the “Timber Circle”. This timber is sourced from Pine Trees, which are ecologically sustainable, and leaves the other endangered species a chance to live.

Reduced Emission of Hazardous Chemical

Bearing the essential “FloorScore Certification”, Colleyville laminate floors ensure to have reduced to zero-emission of hazardous chemicals, and volatile organic compounds, that are often found in regular laminate flooring.

That is not all, the mechanism of “floating floorboards”, further eliminates the requirement of any adhesives that further contribute to the chemical contact, for families, pets, and children. Bringing a full-fledged solution for having healthy homes and nature, using its production process as well as useability.

The Importance Of FloorScore Certification

The FloorScore certification is an accreditation given to all kinds of flooring with a hard surface, for having met the essential “indoor air quality requirements’. This certification is granted by the

Resilient Floor Covering Institute (RFCI). This means that all “FloorScore” labeled floors, including that of Colleyville laminates, efficiently comply with the criterion of Green Guide for Health Care, LEED, and CHPS.

Quite The Price

To be honest, Colleyville doesn’t come to the rescue if you are looking for “cheap laminate flooring”, but it’s a brilliant catch if you are into smart buys. With the wide range of styles and decors that this brand offers, they have the best-looking floors one could expect. Many products come with a Lifetime Warranty and are amazingly durable.

So when it comes to the worthwhileness over low price, you have a winner with the Colleyville.

A Tip: You can always look for better deals with private dealers, while direct showroom prices can be a tad higher. It’s not a bad idea to wait for a sale either. But always buy from trusted sources, to be 100% sure against forged products.

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